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    Pratyangira is a Hindu goddess who is also called Atharvana Bhadrakali, Narasimhi, Simhamukhi, and Nikumbala which all are associated with lord Sakthi. Prathi means reverse, and Angiras means to attack. Pratyangira has the power to diffuse any black magic attacks. Pratyangira allies Narasimhi has half human and half lion-like Narasimma Moorthy and is a ferocious God wearing garlands made out of the skull. The combination of human and lion symbolizes the balance between Good and bad in one’s life. Negative and evil influences are being wiped out by worshiping pratyangira Devi.

    When to do this homam?

    Dates for performing this homam varies from one person to person based on their star and thithi. Quite often Fridays, Tuesdays, Sundays, Ammavasa, and Ashtami tithi are auspicious days to perform this pooja. Usually, this pooja is conducted at the midnight to eradicate the evil spirits.

    How this Homam is conducted?

    This homam is done for Devi Pratyangira chanting mantras of the Goddess. Dried Red chilies are used for this pooja to get the blessings of Devi Pratyangira. Neivedhiyam comprises payasam, paanagham, dates, and pomegranate which are her favorite foods. Cloth of Red, Yellow, and Black can be offered to get the Goddess’s blessings. People beseech Goddesses by performing Homam, Japam, and Yajna to get her benevolence and protection. Lemon is kept at her feet and after the pooja, it is assumed that lemon gets charged by homam from Pratyangira Devi and acts as a protector against evil and does well to the devotee.

    Benefits of doing this homam

    • Pratyangira Devi human wipes out the negative energy or the evil spirits that entangle us and hinders our performances.
    • All the health-related troubles caused by dhur devathai are being cured after conducting this homam.
    • conducting this homam. A depressed person can find a sign of relief after this homam and gets enough courage to overcome the hard paths.
    • Bring home a positive spirit which will, in turn, bring its other friends like happiness, wealth, and health.
    • Removes the effect of witchcraft and black magic and evades the evil spills and protects them from obstacles.
    • Prolonged diseases and ailments are cured.
    • Gives a ray of hope and brings home prosperity.
    • RPrevent the happening accidents.

    Who should perform this homam?

    This homam is preferred for those people who struggle with the action of evil spirits. This homam is suggested when you are surrounded by negative energy. This homam is considered to be the most ugrah Homa performed only at midnight.

    Cost of Pratyangira Devi Homam

    The cost of performing this homam ranges from Rupees 7,500 to 28,000.

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