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    Chandi Homam

    What Is Chandi Homam?

    Chandi homam is one of the most powerful homam for Devi Durga which has the power to remove all the negativity from the place of worship. In this particular homam, Devi Durga is worshiped as a girl of 2 to 10 years old (Kanya Devi). All the doshas and obstacles are removed by the effect of this homam. We can attain success in our profession and life by doing this homam.

    Who Should Perform Chandi Homam?

    Persons who suffer from evil effects and whose health and wealth are destroyed by black magic or evil deeds can perform this homam. Generally, when we are out of control when we can no longer able to tolerate our problems and we are in need of divine intervention we can seek this homam.

    What Are The Benefits Of Chandi Homam?

    • Chandi homam is done for attaining prosperity.
    • It can nullify the evil effects
    • We can get good health and wealth by performing this pooja.
    • It has the power to get rid of black magic.
    • It has the power to clear out the obstacles and pays the way for a new beginning.
    • All sorts of fear get eradicated by this homam.
    • A person’s planetary evil influences get removed by conducting this homam five times and by doing it seven times removes all sorts of fears.
    • By doing this homam eleven and sixteen times a person can get authoritative power and are blessed with children.
    • Brings home a ray of hope filled with happiness and positivity
    • Outrageous evil curse or evil spirits gets nullified through this Chandi homam.
    • Usually, success follows this homam.

    Cost of Chandi Homam

    The cost of this homam varies from Rs.2500 to 1.5 lakhs.

    Procedure of Chandi Homam

    Chandi homam can be performed at home but should be carried out in a divine way with utmost perfection to get the blessings of maa Durga Devi. The expert priest carries out this homam by chanting slokas from Durga saptashati. Chandi homam can be done with any other homam like Ganapathy homam, Kanya homam etc. The slokas comprises 13 chapters of the Markandeya Purana. After the recitation of all the 700 sacred verses of Maa Chandi the person who does this homam will gain the power and energy to overcome all his past struggles. Nava Chandi homam can also be performed along with this which is also a very powerful Vedic ritual that removes hardships in one’s life.

    • Ganapathy pooja: This homam can be started with Ganapathy pooja which is the sole beginner for all.
    • Kanya pooja: Girls aged between 6 to 10 is being worshiped as god.
    • Anugna Sankalpam: Sangalpam is done for the start of any ritual for whom and what is done.
    • Punyahavachanam: Homam place gets purified for the start of the homam.
    • Kalasa Sthaapana: God is made using a pot with water and mango leaves and placed for the homam.
    • Gho pooja: Prayers are done for a cow to gain prosperity.
    • Suhasini Pooja: Worshiping elderly women to seek their blessings.
    • Brahmachari pooja: To seek the blessing of unmarried men this is done.
    • Chandi yagna: The fire ritual is performed with the chanting of Mantras and Slokas.
    • Purnaahuti: All the pooja items are set on fire as swahaha to seek the blessings of goddesses.
    • After the completion of Chandi homam, a divine feeling filled with positivity spreads all over the place of worship which brings a ray of hope and prosperity for the upcoming future.

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