What is Grahapravesha homam?

    Graha means home. Home needs to be cleansed from the negative forces so this homam is done to expel all those forces. In this homam Ganapathy pooja, Navagraha homam and vastu pooja are performed. It is good that if we enter the new house after grahapravesham. This homam gives happiness and courage to live in the new house, Eradicates struggles from the place. This homam starts up with the co pooja worship for cow and calf.
    Grhapravesham Puja & Homam

    Procedure of Grahapravesha homam

    Before grahapravesa homam Co pooja for cow and calf followed by kalasa pooja is done with as usual the copper or brass pot half filled with Ganga jal over which is kept a coconut dipped in turmeric underneath mango leaves. The priest arranges the homa kundam inside the house first sand is being spread followed by arranging bricks then all the pooja materials required for setting fire is dropped one by one after chanting mantras nine colors of cloth pieces are also dropped in the fire. Ghee is used to ignition of fire the priest recites 1000’s of mantras . Even coins are drooped inside agni. Once the homam gets completed the next day these coins are collected and stored safely for good fortunes. Finally the priest takes a red or yellow cloth and collect some ashes from agni and ask the owner to tie it outside the main door. This safeguards the family from evil spirits.At the end priest sprinkles Ganga jal in all the rooms.Finally the priest should be given with vastram, grains and money to complete the homam.

    Benefits Of Performing Grhapravesham Puja & Homam:

    Grhapravesham Puja & Homam
    Grhapravesham Puja & Homam
    Grhapravesham Puja & Homam
    Grhapravesham Puja & Homam
    Grhapravesham Puja & Homam
    Grhapravesham Puja & Homam
    • Immense property is to remove all the negative spirits and energies.
    • Has the ability to change the misfortunes.
    • It can please the planets to give a better life.
    • Bring home peace and happiness.
    • Help us to attain success in career and business.
    • All the family members are bestowed with good health and prosperity.
    • Need to avoid wearing black clothes on this day.
    • The whole environment gets divine with holy vibes.
    • The main entrance needs to get decorated with garlands of flowers and mango leaves.

    Which god is being worshiped during this homam?

    Vastu bagvan , Mahalakshmi and all the nine planets are being worshiped on the day of grahapravesham. These gods drives a positive energy forces and get rid the negative forces that prevails there. The entire house is filled with peace and happiness. The house members have to sleep there in the house that night after grahapravesham.

    Why should we do grahapravesha homam?

    Grahapravesham removes all the evil spirits that encounters the house during construction many trees are being cut and we dig the land so many small creatures gets damaged so we pray god to forgive all the disturbances caused by us during construction and to give us a good health and wealth and retain the happiness inside the house.

    When should we do this homam?

    The first entry in to a new house should be on an auspicious day which will be suggested by an astrologer or a priest. This is being done early morning in brahma muhoortham. Saturday and Sunday needs to be avoided for grahapravesham. Navaratri days are best for new house warming ceremony. Holi day doesn’t suit grahapravesham.

    Who should perform this homam?

    A well knowledge priest has to perform this grahapravesha homam. People who own a new house or even if a person enters for a rented house are supposed to do this grahapravesha homam.

    Cost of grahapravesha homam

    Cost of grahapravesham starts from 15000 and May exceeds 60000 depending upon your liking and wealth.

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