Name of the Homam Benefit
Gayathri Homam
Free us from all effects of our previous Births and Karma.
Deliver from sudden bad effects caused to health and wealth due to our Karma.
Straighten all relationships.
Protect us from social up heavels.
Attain and successed our longly goals.
Put an end to our negative face.
Durga Homam
Freedom from ill effects caused by evil.
Remove sadness caused by enemy forces.
Freedom from ill effects of poison, theft etc.
Will give good health, wealth, long life and sound body.
Freedom from fear, danger and Graha Dosham’s.
Maha Ganapathi Homam
Barriers in the path of mind , body and soul will he removed.
Will remove all obstacles in health, wealth and education and give Lord Vigneshvara’s blessings.
This Homam is performed first before performing any other Homam.
Harmony in family and success in life.
Rudhra Homam
Removes negative forces and gives victory / success.
This Homam is to be performed every Shiva Rathri to celebrate victory and divine power.
Help to give a good and happy after life.
Shastiabtha Poorthi Homam
Help to defend our elves from the evils caused by planetary Dosha’s.
Harmonize the husband wife relationship.
Will help the couple to attain godly deals and to realize god.
Lakshmi Narayan Homam
To get profit from the business/profession and career
To lead a successful life.
To lead a luxurious life
To come out of evil things and to lead a luxurious life
Dhanvanthri Homam
Will cure all illnesses, which even doctors cannot cure.
Will give freedom from long-term illnesses.
Ayushya Homam
Performed for a child’s first birthday to give the child long healthy life.
Will give a strong body devoid of ill health.
Will also dispel all dosha’s in the child’s life due to stars and thithi’s.
Will cure long term or chromic ill health which cannot he cured by medicines.
Miruthyancha Homam
Performed to praise lord Shiva, will also prevent untimely death.
Long life.
Rid of all long term ill health and give a healthy life.
Aishwarya Homam
Performed to give growth in wealth and riches.
Fame, Vehicles, Mental strength, godly thoughts etc will come.
Kanakadhara Homam
Chanting the stotram will make a pauper into a wealthy person.
Give all verities of wealth and growth.
Will help focus all the good qualities of the person to good and give success in all.
Mangala Samaskarna / Purushasuktha Homam
Growth in family and children.
Victory in all endavours.
This Homam is offered to Lord Mahavishnu.
Freedom from all.
Lakshmi Homam
Will remove all obstacles and growth in wealth.
Will give all round growth and give the blessings of the lord of Homam.
Will give all wealth, long pending and outstanding incomes, will help to recover lost wealth.
Vidhya Homam
Improve studies and education.
Sharpen intellect and gnanam.
Focused thoughts and good memory.
Higher educational opportunities.
Good business growth.