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    Rahu and Ketu are the most dreaded planets in astrology due to their strong Karmic affiliations. shastrigal astrology strongly believes in their effects and all natal charts are designed based on their position. The two are considered the nodes of moon and are imaginary in nature. Kalasarpa dosha is mostly hereditary and its effects are seen only during Vimshottari dasas which is the most accurate and logical method to predict the exact time of past, present and future events. For all your queries, like when you will buy a house, get a job, get married or have children, the answers are revealed by looking at either the planetary transits or Vimshottari dasha period. The negative effects of Kalasarpa dosha can be rectified by performing remedies like yagya and pujas, sarpa dosha on the other hand needs to be carefully analysed and its remedies are quite complex to carry out.

    Sarpa Dhosanivruthi Homam

    Sarpa Dhosanivruthi Homam