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    What is Mrityunjana Homam?

    Mrityunjana is one of the names of lord Shiva which means the one who won the death. In simple terms it is the destroyer of death. We know that lord Siva has three eyes in which one eye represents sun the other moon and the third eye represents fire. Sun eradicates ignorance fire removes sins moon prevents health. Lord Siva took this avatar to protect Markandeya thereby prevents his death. We have to do this homam for longitivity and good health. Lord Mriyunjana appears with three eyes and eight hands. During this homam 21 mantras are recited with durva grass and amrita herb. This homam is done to prevent premature death. Any dhoshas in naksatras gets rectified by doing this homam. After the completion of this homam we will get the blessings of Sri Bhramarambika and Mallikarjuna swamy.
    Mrityunjaya Homam

    Procedure of this homam

    • Our blood gets purified and gets vaccinated against evils after the completion of homam.
    • Early morning wake up in brahma muhurtham brings laurels. Before day itself we need to clean the place of worship and decorate with flowers and thoranam.
    • Shodashopachara rituals performed for welcoming God.
    • Start with Ganapathy Pooja followed by Mrtyunjana jap with 21 mantras recitation.
    • Homam comes to an end by poornahaarathy and prashadam distribution.

    Purpose of this homam

    • Usually done for extending life and to get cured from chronic illness.
    • This homam has the power to get rid of dreadful diseases like Cancer. Usually this homam is done for logitivity and prevent premature death.
    • Usually done for extending life and to get cured from chronic illness.
    • People especially younger generations who suffer from chronic ailments are asked to do this homam for getting better health.
    • This homam 100% has the power to prolong the lifetime and helps to get cured from dreadful diseases.

    Benefits of doing Mrityunjana homam

    • First and the foremost purpose of this mrityunjana homam is to prevent premature death.
    • People get cured from diseases. They get better health.
    • As we know health is wealth once health gets improved wealth also gets showered in the place of worship
    • Calmness prevails with a pure blood in the place of worship.
    • We will get the blessings of lord Siva once this homam gets over.
    • We will get the blessings of lord Siva once this homam gets over.

    Who has to do this homam?

    Children’s or young people who fight from dreadful or chronic diseases are prescribed with this homam for getting cured and to prolong their lifetime. Fear gets removed off from the place of worship.

    When to do this homam?

    Mrityunjana homam is done in the brahmamuhurtham. This can be done for child after turning 1 year of age and at any time later. Usually done on birth month nakshatras or on birthdays.

    Cost of Mritunjana homam

    The Cost of doing Mrityunjana homam varies from Rs.7500 to Rs.10,000 and varies from place to place depending upon the priest who conducts this homam.

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