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    Navagraha homam is the homam conducted concerning all the nine grahas nothing but the nine planets Suriyan (Sun), Chandran (moon), Sevvai (mars), Budhan (Mercury), Guru (Jupiter), Sukran (Venus), Shani (Saturn), Rahu (north node of the moon) and Kethu (south node of the moon that causes ellipse). These planets play a vital role in all our lives they act as the control station. They have the ability to change our lives. They sit in the appropriate position and play games by moving us. Good time or bad time is determined by their positions in our rasis. These are the prime celestial objects which form the Navagraha.
    Navagraha Homam

    Suriyan / Sun

    In Hindu religious mythology it is believed that Sun is the visible form of God. Both Saivas and Vaishnavas believed that the sun is Siva and Vishnu for Saivas it is regarded as AShtamoorthi and for Vaishnavas, it is regarded as Soorya Narayan. Sun represents the Soul.

    Chandran /Moon

    Chandran is considered the Night lord who illuminates the sky at night. Chandran represents the mind. According to Hindu mythology, Chandran has 27 wives (27 constellations) and Budhan (mercury) was born to him.

    Sevvai / Mars

    Mars (Red Planet) is also called Angaraha. Mars represents energetic action, confidence, and ego. Those who have dhosha for this sevvai can get it rectified by doing a special pooja for angarahan.

    Budhan /Mercury

    Budhan is the son of the moon, represented by green color. It is the god of knowledge. Students can acquire knowledge by worshipping this god. This God is also worshiped for getting prosperous in businesses.

    Guru /Jupiter

    Guru is considered the prohitha of Gods and represents teaching and knowledge. As we all know guru represents the teacher or the mentor. Yellow represents Guru.

    Sukran /Venus

    Sukran is the tutor of Daityas and represents wealth, pleasure, and reproduction. In Astrology A person having sukra Dasha will be enlightened with more wealth.

    Shani /Saturn

    Shani is the son of suriyan. It is believed that when Sani opened his eyes for the very first-time ellipse happened for the sun. It is represented in black color. Saturn takes 30 years to complete one round around the sun. Its active period will be 30.

    Rahu /North node of the moon

    The head of the devilish snake swallows the sun or moon, causing an eclipse. Daily Rahu Kala is considered inauspicious for doing good things. Rahu is a Tamas Asura who tries to protect us from major chaos and controls its occurrence.

    Kethu /South Node of the moon

    Kethu is considered the tail of the devilish snake. It will have a major impact on one’s life. It makes a person get fame in certain circumstances. It is considered to have some supreme power to change one’s life.

    When to do Navagraha Homam

    This homam can be performed only after the consultation of an astrologer and they will recommend the auspicious time for doing the same. The date and time of homam are fixed based on the person’s birth chart.

    Benefits of doing Navagraha Homam

    • It can bring happiness by bringing some favorable situations.
    • Helps in bringing a successful career.
    • Ensures prosperous life both for marriage as well as for childbirth.
    • Helps people to get recovered from misfortunes and to stop them its happenings in the future.
    • Helps to get better health.

    How it is performed

    It starts with Ganapathi Sthapna. Kalasa is kept and homam is performed with mantras. Poornahathi concludes the homam with the distribution of prasadam.

    Cost of Navagraha homam

    The cost of performing this homam starts from Rs. 8000 to Rs. 10000. This includes the materials required for pooja and priest Dakshina.

    Who should take out this pooja?

    • Based on the person’s planetary positions this homam differs.
    • This can be suggested for those whose planetary positions are not in a favorable situation.
    • Those with doshas like Kalasthra dosha, Kala sarpa dosha, and sevvai dosha are prescribed with this homam.
    • Those struggling to get a perfect life partner or carving for a child can perform this homam.

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