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    Homam For Protectivity

    Sometimes, you may struggle from unwanted disturbances and negative vibrations that surround you. Your efforts may go in vain and you would always feel low and unhealthy because of these evil forces. If you feel that way, then here is what you need – a divine protection ring around you to guard you from all forms of negative energies. Be it enemies, accidents, ill effects of evil eye casting, hostility, fear of ire things or anything that affect you on a physical or mental level, invoking the corresponding God or Goddess can build a protective shield around you. They can safeguard you from all visible and invisible harmful elements and can grant fulfillment of your desires.

    Sudharsana Homam

    sudharshana homam

    Narashima Homam

    narashima homam

    Maha Prathyanghara Homam

    maha prathyangara homam