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    Varahi Homam And Pooja Services

    What is Varahi Homam?

    Lord Bairava one form of siva is being personified as Lord Varahi Shiri Rajarajeshwari took the avatar of Lord Varahi to put an end for Pandasura. It has been believed that Varahi is born from the body of varaha an avtar of Lord Vishnu. She has a boar face with red coloured body which looks like human bore face with human like body. Varahi means wisdom filled with knowledge. Varahi has eight arms which hold sangu, Cakaram, Kadham, Mushalm, Damaragam, Abayavardam and Ulakkai. In ancient times it is believed that kings used to worship Varahi to bring wealth and protect their kingdom.

    Procedure of this homam

    Agni provokes electromagnetic energy which in turn energizes the cells in our body to work efficiently. Agni bagavan will bring all other gods and goddesses into our home. As all other homam here also first ganapathy is being worshiped followed by kalasa jap and then chanting of mantras for Varahi . 21000 mantras of Varahi are being chanted during this homam to get her attention to seek varahis blessings. As usual like all other homam this also ends with poornahaarathi and distribution of prasadam.

    Purpose of this homam

    • The main purpose of this homam is to remove evil spirits from the person’s body or house. Black magic tragedy or loss gets rectified by doing Varahi homam. Fills your home with happiness and posi tivity.

    Benefits of this homam

    • Fear fears the worst after overcoming lord Varahi.
    • The person who does this homam will get strength and courage to withstand the difficulties faced by them.
    • Enemies will change up their mind and befriended after this homam.
    • Fame will knock the door after the successful completion of this homam.
    • Black magic, evil eye casting and curses get removed once this homam is performed.
    • Helps you to get boomed in your businesses.
    • Helps you to attain success by achieving your dreams.
    • Bring home positivity.
    • Court disputes gets solved easily. Bring justice to your case.
    • Gives you enough courage to break down the barriers and obstacles in life.

    Who has to do this homam?

    People who face so many struggles that cannot be managed are suggested for this homam. Varahi homam removes bad spirits forms the house. Effects of curses can get removed. People who suffer from enemies, neighbors can get it relieved after the completion of this homam. People who get affected by black magic, evil eye casting are prescribed to do this hamam

    When to do this homam?

    Usually this homam is performed during panchami titi, Ashtami and fifth or eighth day of ammavasa. Other days include Tuesdays, Thursdays and Friday. This homam is usually performed at night. It can also be conducted in your home.

    Cost of Varahi homam

    Cost of Varahi homam varies from 10,000 to 25,000 based on the priest and their specifications.

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