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    What is Ayush Homam?

    Ayush represents age so this homam is carried out for a healthy and prolonged life. Generally this homam is carried out on the naming ceremony of a new born child. This homam is done for the healthy and prosperous life of the newborn without any obstacles. Prohits suggest this homam for that child who quite often falls sick. Homam done after the birth of a new born for naming ceremony. By doing this homam the child gets wellness and a happy life. Ayur devathai is being worshiped on the day of this homam for getting prolonged and happy life.

    Purpose of this homam

    Generally Homam is conducted to bring home positivity along with health and prosperity. Homam is done with Agni and mantras which has the power to remove negativity and bring home happiness.

    Types of Ayush Homam

    • Kamaadi
    • Kammahdya
    • Kamaanthya
    • Fear fears the worst after overcoming lord Ayush.
    • This homam starts with ganapathy pooja in olden days the father itself used to do this ayush homam for the child by nowadays prohits perform this on behalf of father due to the lack of knowledge in mantras. Honey sugar and ghee is the main neivedhiyum in this homam. Parents are insisted to do prayers for their child wellbeing. After poornahaarathi all the elders are invited to bless the child.
    • On this day of Homam baby gets dressed up with new attire made of silk and made to sit on the lap of parents which is conducted before the child’s first birthday this is considered as a special occasion as this is the first celebration for the child.

    Benefits of Ayush Homam

    • Get a prolonged life.
    • Helps to cure the child’s illness.
    • Grants protection of Child.
    • Ensures a healthy and prosperous life.
    • Gain success in life.
    • Get proper mental health to attain success in their future.
    • Improve the quality of life.
    • Removes negativity from home and showers positive vibe.
    • Sort out the health issues of a child.

    Who has to do this homam?

    • People who longs for healthy and prosperous life can carry out this homam.
    • Helps to get rid of health related issues.
    • Karma issues get sorted out after this homam.
    • Ill effects of planets get reduced by this homam.
    • Prevents injuries and health related threats.

    When to do this homam?

    This homam can be done in yearly or monthly basis for getting cure from illness. Usually this homam is performed on the child’s birth month nakshatra. This helps to remove the negative effects caused by tithi (day of fortnightly), Ayush(day of the week), Nakshatra (star). It showers good health and prolonged life for a child.

    Cost of Ayush homam

    • The cost of this homam can range from 8,000 to 15, 000.
    • Homam done in the early morning 4.00 am to 1.00 pm.
    • Carried out on the nakshatra of the child.
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