Gruhapravesam Pooja & Homam

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Grhapravesham Puja & Homam

Our Iyer/Pandit/Shastrigal will do all types of Homam & pooja at your home/temple/your convenient location anywhere in Chennai/Tamilnadu/Bangalore or other places.

Grhapravesham Pooja is the most significant prestigious Indian function that is performed by a family before they go into another house. In some cases, this Pooja is performed by a person's longing to go to the predominant house once a couple of redesigns. The custom is performed on a specific day upheld the soothsaying diagram. The principle reason for this custom is to remain abhorrence spirits and powers from the as of late built house. Book your Purohit for Puja online from online Iyer for your Pandit for Grhapravesham in Chennai. We play out all dialects.
Grhapravesham Puja could be a significant Hindu custom. One should play out this Puja just once placing in entryways and screens inside the house. Nonetheless, the inward foundation might be deficient. Pandit isn't accessible for the Pooja, one may likewise perform it oneself. Griha Pravesh Dates In October 2019
Griha Pravesh Dates Griha Pravesh Days
30th October 2019 Wednesday

Griha Pravesh Dates In November 2019

Griha Pravesh Dates Griha Pravesh Days
02nd November 2019 Saturday
09th November 2019 Saturday
13th November 2019 Wednesday
14th November 2019 Thursday
15th November 2019 Friday
21st November 2019 Thursday
22nd November 2019 Friday
30th November 2019 Saturday

Griha Pravesh Dates in December 2019

Griha Pravesh Dates Griha Pravesh Days
06th December 2019 Friday
07th December 2019 Saturday
12th December 2019 Thursday

Benefits Of Performing Grhapravesham Puja & Homam:

  • The Grhapravesham Puja sanitizes and purifies the alcoves and corners of the house.
  • Further, it disposes of and diminishes the unwell impacts of the risky Vastu.
  • This Puja conjointly gives inward harmony and mental harmony to the individuals from the family.
  • It helps in expanding reasonable karma and fortune
  • It conjointly clears terrible contemplations from the psyches of the relations and makes them smarter.
  • Further, it gives religious joy to every one of the individuals from the family.
  • Performing griha pravesham Pooja profoundly purifies the new house site from the negative vitality or fiendishness spirits.
  • It likewise shields future inhabitants or its tenants from a wide range of inconveniences.
  • Playing out this Pooja evacuates the evil impacts and Doshas, purifies all sides of the house, and Increases favorable luck and cheerful existence of the inhabitants.
Book Shastrigal / Iyer for Griha Pravesham Pooja / Housewarming Ceremony. All the Pooja items will be brought by Shastrigal. All the Shastrigal are very much experienced and examined from Shastrigal.

How To Perform Grhapravesham Puja?

Execution of Grhapravesham Puja satisfies the Vaastu otherworldly being. A Brahmin minister performs it by singing mantras to conjure the favors of Vaastu Devata.

Here's the best approach to perform Grhapravesham Puja:

The heavenly being of Vaastu is pacified outside and in this manner, the lady breaks a coconut that is put on the edge. Additionally, one plays out the Kalash Puja by filling the pot with water, a coin, and 9 sorts of grains or navadhanya. One should tie the coconut with red antiquity. At that point, he/she should put it on the Kalash with mango leaves. The minister discusses hallowed mantras to the present pot all through the Puja. The spouse and lady convey this consecrated pot inside the house by embedding’s it near the havan.
Relatives should give the right dinner to the minister. Additionally, they should not bolt the house at any cost and will keep their nightlong. So as to attract religious energies, the light should continue consuming. Easy to book a Pandit for Grhapravesham Puja is also called house warming Puja. According to Shastrigal, this Puja is performed to draw in flourishing at home. Pandit can disclose to you how to play out the Grhapravesham Puja vidhi and Iyer. We are outstanding amongst other Housewarming, Gruhapravesam Priest Services In Chennai.

When To Perform Griha Pravesham Pooja?

It is performed on a propitious Muhurth date according to the nakshatra of the Wife as essential and the spouse's as optional or any single proprietor of the house. It is for the most part done on the Shukla Paksha time of the moon and the hours are fixed on a favorable Lagna. The significant piece of the Grhapravesham ceremonies is the Gho Pooja, Ganapathy, Navagraha, and Lakshmi Homam alongside Vaastu Homam. When the Homams are finished the milk is left to bubble and flood the new vessel as a decent sign in the new house. When the Grhapravesham Puja ceremonies are finished, a pumpkin (Poosani) is offered to dispense with Drishti from the family and the new house.

Key Insights:

  • Performed before moving into a house, regardless of whether leased or possessed.
  • It is the way toward expelling any negative vitality possessing the house.
  • A favorable date is perfect with Janma Nakshatra of spouse/Female family head.
  • It satisfies the planets and the Gods, and bring favorable luck.

Our Promise:

  • Shastrigal ensured and experienced ministers.
  • All customs pursue Shastrigal Standards and Procedures.
  • Top-notch items to guarantee a wonderful Pooja experience.
  • Ensured Punctuality and Authenticity.
  • Proficient Guidance and Support.
Gruhapravesha (Housewarming) is a custom finished by Hindus which the proprietors and relatives go into the new house at a promising time. The custom comprises of significant pujas and homas expected to drive away sick impacts of planets or any malicious powers. This Gruhapravesham Puja set with every holy thing, foods grown from the ground is a fundamental prerequisite for the favorable custom.

This Puja bundle incorporates:

  • Ganapathi homam
  • Vasthu homam
  • Rakshagna homam
  • Navagraha homam
  • Kuladevatha homam
  • Istadevatha homam
  • Finally purnahuthi
Navagraha and Lakshmi Homam alongside Vaastu homam. When the Homams are finished the milk is left to bubble and flood the new vessel as a decent sign in the new house. Online Pandit Booking Services
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