What is Mahalakshmi Pooja?

    Mahalakshmi is the divine goddess of wealth. People will get all sorts of wealth and health and prosperity by worshiping her. Mahalakshmi is the religious consort of lord Vishnu. It is a 16 day fasting. Fasting during these 16 days will bring miracles to your life. Usually this starts from the fourth day of Ganesh chaturthi. This can be celebrated a day prior to diwalli. The arrival of Lakshmi during Diwali will brightens up your house with health and wealth. Positive energies flow in and out of the house illuminating with happiness. When we look at the mahalakshmi image it has 4 hands with extremely beautiful goddess’s two hands holding lotus and the other offer good wealth depicted as gold coins pouring from a pot.
    Maha Lakshmi Pooja

    Procedure of Mahalakshmi Pooja

    House has to be set for pooja after thorough cleaning. Decorate the house with flowers and thoranam. Sprinkle ganga jal all over the house. Place a table or stand and then spread a red cloth draw a lotus with turmeric in the center and spread some grains over it. Finally place an idol of Lakshmi and ganesha on the grains. Take a copper/brass pot fill three fourth with water place a coconut brushed with turmeric on the top of the pot underneath mango leaves. Decorate the kalasa with flowers and once ganapathy pooja gets over mahalakshmi jap starts with the recitation of mahalakshmi mantras. This pooja also ends up with poornahaaraty and prashadam gets distributed.

    Maha Lakshmi Pooja Benefits:

    • Mahalakshmi showers good wealth so all the financial crisis gets sorted out by doing this pooja.
    • Business gets boomed and everything will prosper in life.
    • Helps you to taste the victory in the entire thing you do.
    • Lakshmi blesses you with clear mind and beauty with in.
    • Intelligence gets spilled out with enthusiasm once worshiped.
    • We will be offered with good health and happiness prevails the family.

    When to do this Lakshmi pooja

    Shukla panchastami in the month of Bhadrapad which falls in the month of September is being observed as mahalakshmi virat. Long fasting is being observed. It is a 16 day virat. Friday is an auspicious day to worship mahalakshmi. On this day lord Lakshmi opens the doors of prosperity and showers them with good wealth. Mahalakshmi destroys the asuras and protected the women so women used to perform this pooja to bring aiswariyam home.

    Who has to do this mahalakshmi pooja:

    • People who suffer from severe financial crisis are suggested to do this pooja.
    • The place of worship should be maintained clean as Lakshmi visits only clean place.
    • Both our mind and body should be clean enough to get her blessings.
    • Newly married people can do this pooja to get a good start in their life. People who start up a new business can do this pooja along with ganapathy homam.

    How to worship mahalakshmi?

    Lakshmi should be worshiped with clean mind and clean body. Cleanliness is much important when it comes to Lakshmi pooja. Mahalakshmi is the one main goddess in every Hindu house. Early morning is the best time to do this pooja. Lotus is the most liked flower of goddess Lakshmi it will be an added advantage if we use it for worshiping mahalakshmi. All the pooja items that smells devine can be used in this pooja.

    Cost of mahalakshmi pooja

    Average cost of mahalakshmi pooja starts from 4500 rupees and may vary depending upon our needs.

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